SmartLauncher 1.07

Personalize your cellphone with this handy application

If you want a special 'look and feel' for your smartphone then SmartLauncher has everything you need. SmartLauncher completely substitutes the system menu and taskmanager, allows to set the background image, apps and folder icons, colours and many other features.

General features:

  • Implements all basic functions of the system menu and taskmanager
  • SmartLauncher is completely integrated into your smartphone and substitutes the original menu and taskmanager applications
  • custom background menu picture
  • custom application and folder icons
  • custom labels, folder title and buttons colors
  • possibility to create your own skins and change them with the help of a FREEWARE application Skin Editor. You can get Skin Editor here
  • support of a tree folder feature
  • integrated taskman which features all the information about the level of the battery charge, free memory, free disks space, current time and the information about the launched applications
  • set a shortcut for an application or folder (ABC+Num for 7650 or Pen+Num for 3650)
  • auto start

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SmartLauncher 1.07